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Downloads cost allocation reports using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The latest copies of any available reports will be downloaded and stored for later use by the AmazonCollector .


<bean class="">


<property name="dataSourceConfig" ref="dataSourceConfig
" />

Sets the name of the managed Amazon data source.

<property name="accessKeyId" value="accessKeyId
" />

Sets the AWS access key ID. This is not used when a managed data source is specified.

<property name="secretKey" value="secretKey
" />

Sets the AWS secret key. This is not used when a managed data source is specified.

<property name="bucketName" value="bucketName
" />

Sets the S3 bucket name containing the cost reports. This must match the bucket name configured in the Amazon account billing settings.

<property name="amazonConnectionConfiguration" ref="amazonConnectConfig
" />

Optional property that allows for control over various connection properties. See AmazonConnectionConfiguration for specifics.

Spring Batch XML Example

<bean class="">
  <property name="active" value="true" />
  <property name="bucketName" value="costs001" />
  <property name="dataSourceConfig">
    <bean class="">
      <property name="accessKeyId" value="MY_ACCESS_KEY_ID" />
      <property name="secretKey" value="MY_SECRET_KEY" />
  <property name="bucketName" value="MY_BUCKET_NAME" />
  <property name="amazonConnectionConfiguration" ref="amazonConnectConfig" />
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