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Configures the data feed for AWSCollector.



Name Type Description
excludedUserTags list List of AWS user tags to exclude from collection
stripUserTagPrefix boolean When true, strips the prefix user: from identifier names created from user tags. Default is true.
useBlendedValues boolean New in version 3.4. When true, the AWS collector collects the BlendedRate and BlendedCost values from the AWS report as the rate and cost for each resource, which is preferred for a complete month's data. When false, it collects UnBlendedRate and UnBlendedCost, which is preferred for daily data. Default is false.

Spring Batch XML example

<bean id="feedConfig" class="">
  <property name="stripUserTagPrefix" value="false"/> -->
  <property name="excludedUserTags">
    ​  <value>Owner</value>
    ​  <value>Application</value>
  <property name="useBlendedValues" value="true"/>
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