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Specifies optional connection settings for AWSCollector.



Name Type Description
connectionTimeout integer Interval in milliseconds at which an attempt to connect to AWS times out. Default is 50000 (50 seconds). The collector will retry a failed connection up to three times.
proxyHost string The optional proxy host that the client will connect through
proxyPort integer The port on proxyHost that the client will connect through
proxyUsername string The username with which to connect to proxyHost
proxyPassword string The password for proxyUsername
proxyDomain string The optional Windows domain name for configuration of an NTLM proxy
proxyWorkstation string The optional Windows workstation name for configuration of an NTLM proxy

Spring Batch XML example

<bean id="connectionInfo" class="">
  <property name="proxyHost" value=""/>
  <property name="proxyPort" value="80"/>
  <property name="proxyUsername" value="proxyuser"/>
  <property name="proxyPassword" value="abc123"/>
  <property name="proxyDomain" value="mydomain"/>
  <property name="proxyWorkstation" value="myworkstation"/>
  <property name="connectionTimeout" value="60000"/>
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