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Downloads detailed billing reports from Amazon Web Services and extracts data to CC Record files.



Name Type Description
amazonConnectionConfiguration bean An AWSConnectionConfiguration bean to set connection information
bucketName​​ string List of AWS user tags to exclude from collection
dataSourceConfig bean Either a ManagedAWSDataSource bean or an AWSDataSourceConfig bean to specify a data source
downloadReports boolean When false, the collector skips connection to AWS and reads the latest downloaded report in the usage files directory. Default is true.
endOfMonthMode boolean When true, the collector captures data from a final invoice to update the previous month's charges. Run with this option monthly on or after the 10th of the month. The default is false.
feedConfig bean An AWSFeedConfig bean for feed configuration
reservedInstanceResourcePrefix string String to prepend to the names of resources when the value of the ReservedInstance identifier is Y, indicating that the resource is a Reserved Instance. Default is null.

Spring Batch XML example

<bean class="">
  <property name="feedConfig" ref="feedConfig"/>
  <property name="downloadReports" value="false"/>
  <property name="reservedInstanceResourcePrefix" value="RI-"/>
  <property name="dataSourceConfig">
    <bean class="">
      <property name="name" value="MyAWSDataSource"/>
  <property name="bucketName" value="MyCostBucket"/>
  <property name="amazonConnectionConfiguration" ref="connectionInfo"/>
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