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Setting the selection date

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Jobs use Selection Date as the criteria for selecting and processing data. This can be a literal date or a keyword of PREDAY or CURDAY. This date determines the accounting date for calculated charges that collectors can use as query criteria when accessing external data sources. When resource configurations include effective dating practices, the selection date determines the appropriate rate for charges. In most cases, this will be the accounting date on the loaded data.

When running jobs in Cloud Cruiser, you can use the selectDate job parameter value in every step of the job. The valid selectDate value can be one of the following:

  • A single date in yyyyMMdd format
  • A date range in yyyyMMdd-yyyyMMdd format
  • A PREDAY (previous day) or CURDAY (current day) keyword.

If the selectdate parameter is not set in a job, PREDAY is the default value used during job processing. When the PREDAY or CURDAY keyword is used, it is converted into the day’s yyyyMMdd value.

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