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Running jobs from the command line

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You can launch a job from the command line if you have the Admin role. You do this by running the ccjob command from the directory <install_dir>/bin.

Job execution requires at least one job filename parameter. You can provide any number of name/value pairs as parameters for the job itself. You can specify a select date on the command line. If not, it assumes a default of the previous day (PREDAY).

NOTE: The behaviors of CURDAY and PREDAY are based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), not the server time zone.

For a full list of parameters for ccjob, run the command ccjob -h.


ccjob ‐f vmAll‐job.xml ‐j load
ccjob ‐f vmAll‐job.xml ‐j load ‐d CURDAY-7
ccjob ‐f vmAll‐job.xml ‐j load ‐p vcenter
ccjob ‐f vmAll‐job.xml ‐j load ‐d 20101031
ccjob ‐f vmAll‐job.xml ‐j load ‐d 20100901‐20101031
ccjob ‐f vmAll‐job.xml ‐j load ‐d 20101031 ‐a test
ccjob ‐f vmAll‐job.xml ‐j load ‐l debug
ccjob ‐f vmgroups‐job.xml ‐j eom vmGroup=ems ‐d CURDAY
ccjob ‐f vmgroups‐job.xml ‐j eom vmGroup=ems keyField=vmname
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