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Monitoring job results

Viewing job results in the Cloud Cruiser Portal

To review the results of a job, navigate to Data > Processing > Job Monitoring.

You can click a row in the table to view the status of that job step in detail.

Detailed status of a job step

You can select and copy the text in the details table so you can quickly paste it into messaging and email tools without having to search through the log files.

Viewing job results in log files

These entries are stored in the logs directory, in a folder defined by the processName property. For example, if the job contains a process name with a value of jobFile  

<bean id="processInfo" class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.ProcessInfo">
  <property name="processName" value="jobFile"/>

Then you can view these entries as files in a folder called jobFile in the logs directory. To access the job log files, select an entry and click Show Log File at the top of the page.

Troubleshooting specific warnings and errors

This section suggests causes and resolutions for common warnings and errors when running batch jobs.

A job instance already exists

Message: job terminated in error: org.springframework.batch.core.repository.JobInstanceAlreadyCompleteException: A job instance already exists and is complete for parameters

Cause: An instance of the same job is still running. The Cloud Cruiser application server can only run one instance of a job at a time.

Resolution: Restart the Cloud Cruiser application server to terminate the running job. Check the log for that job run to determine why it hung.

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