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Job arguments

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Job arguments are run-time variables passed to a job from the command line or the Job Maintenance page. Arguments are passed as name-value pairs and can be referenced from anywhere in the job XML file.

Example: to pass job arguments named usageYMD and count, you could run a job with the following command:

# ccjob -f demodata usageYMD=20110227 count=10000

To reference an argument’s value within the job, use the syntax ${param.<argumentName>}. Continuing the previous example:

<batch:job id="demodata" parent="ccjob">
  <batch:step id="genCCR">
      <bean class="com.cloudcruiser.ccrgenerator.batch.CCRecordGeneratorTasklet">
        <property name="count" value="${param.count}"/>
        <property name="output" ref="generatedFile"/>
        <property name="usageYMD" value="${param.usageYMD}"/>
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