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Importing users

You can import users from the command line by creating a comma-delimited file (CSV) that contains the users to be imported. For a description of the CSV format, see User CSV file format.

You can also import the user CSV file with extra parameters that can be passed in to the importer. For a description of these parameters, see User import parameters.

Basic syntax

To import a user CSV file
  1. On the Cloud Cruiser machine, open a command prompt and change to the < install_dir >/bin directory.
  2. Run the following command ccimport -t user -f < fileName >.csv.
    You can get help on the ccimport utility with the command ccimport -h.

User import parameters

You can also set properties for all users in an import file with the -D argument. For example:

ccimport -t user -f cloud_users.csv -D defaultUserGroup=admin

You can specify the following parameters:




Group to assign to users who do not have one specified in the import file. If the user group does not exist, it will be created.


Default account structure for new users


If true, all customer accounts are viewable for the user. The default is false.


If true, enables access to the user. If false, disables access to the user. The default is true.


Default role for new users. This can be ADMIN , CUST_BUDGET , and REPORT_USER . The default is REPORT_USER .


Specifies whether new users will be created with the default password or no password. The default value is default . Valid values are default and none .

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