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Giving users permission to customer data

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To specify which customers’ cost data a user can see, go to Administration > Users and select a group in the list. In this page, you can use the Customers Allowed area to restrict members of a group to viewing a specific set of customers. Each customer that the group is allowed to view must be defined here.

Deselect the All option to display a two-panel area where users in the group can be restricted from viewing a specific set of customers. The left-hand panel is the list of customers that the user group is permitted to see. The Customer field is the customer’s account ID.

Choosing customers for a group

When adding a customer to the allowed list, where a higher level is established, moving a lower level that would be included anyway will not be saved. Using the example shown, if you move D-11 to the allowed list that already has an account ID of D, upon saving D-11 will not be added because it is already a part of its account level hierarchy.

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