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Creating users

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After installation, there is a user named admin belonging to a group by the same name. You can create additional users.

To create a new user
  1. Go to Administration > Users .
  2. In the user and group list, right-click an item and select Add a new user .
  3. Set the user properties:




    The unique identifier for this user. The user will log into the system with this ID.


    Enables and disables access to the user.

    Disabling access does not delete the user from the database.


    The user’s full name.

    Domain User Name

    The user’s domain username.


    The user’s email address.

    User Flags

    An optional one-character value that is not used by Cloud Cruiser. These can be used by custom versions of reports for sorting and grouping in reports.


    The group that the user is assigned.


    The roles that the user is assigned. By default, each new user has the Report User role. For information on role descriptions, see Setting user roles.


    The user’s password to log into the system. If you leave this blank, the user's password is set to the default password specified in Administration > Configuration > General > System.

  4. Click Save.
    This adds the user alphabetically to the list.
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