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Creating user groups

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Permission to view data for particular customers is given to user groups. Every user must belong to a group.

To create a user group
  1. Go to Administration > Users .
  2. Click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the window and choose Add a new group.
  3. Set the properties for the group.
    You can configure the following properties:




    Specifies the name of the group.

    NOTE: The user group name cannot contain commas.


    Specifies the description for the group.

    Account Structures

    Shows all account structure views. The default account structure view is indicated with a yellow asterisk (*) icon.

    Set as default changes the selected account structure to the default.

    Customers Allowed

    With the All option selected, specifies that all users in the group are allowed to view all customers.

    When deselected, this area expands to a two panel area where users in the group can be restricted from viewing a specific set of customers.

    The left Customers Allowed panel shows a list of customers that the user group is permitted to view. The right panel shows a list of all defined customers, along with their account ID structures, that can be moved to and from the Customers Allowed panel.

    Add Custom adds a custom customer to the Customers Allowed list.

    For more information about account structures, see Working with account structures.
  4. Click Save.
    The group is added to the list alphabetically.
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