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Report string properties (.properties additions)

This section describes what is needed for the Java properties file(s) associated with a designed report. Note, as per Java standard there should always be base property file that is used when the property file for the locale of the user could not be found.

For example, to support a Mexico locale, there are two files associated with the report:


Each report must have an associated Java properties files with the following name:

Where reportname is the same name as discussed in ReportName section, and X is the locale identifier.

The property file can contain a multiple of entries used for strings used in the associated report.

Within the property file there are required entries in order to facilitate an localize-able reporting system.

This is the default title of the report. When the report is initially loaded, this is the title that will be set for the report. The title may then be changed by users.

This is the local string of the description of the report. This might be shown in Cloud Cruiser as a tooltip, for example, when the user is choosing which report to run (like the Invoice Detail report that shows the detail invoice charged data for a particular account).


For example file(s) contents, if the name of the report is InvoiceDetail01 , and a Mexico localization is desired. Detail report shows all rate and cost data for a specified account number
costString=Cost de factura informe muestra todos los tipo de datos sobre el coste de una cuenta de un número especificado
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