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Custom parameters

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Some reports might require collection of input for parameters which are not included in a standard set defined by Cloud Cruiser. In this case, Cloud Cruiser provides some properties which may be specified for parameters at report design time to collect input from the user when the report is launched. All custom properties supply a single, named parameter to the report server as defined by the user.


isForPrompting is a Jasper-defined attribute which must be set to true for Cloud Cruiser to inspect the parameters properties.

<parameter name="TopN" class="java.lang.String" isForPrompting="true">
  <property name="com.cloudcruiser.param.text" value=""/>

If this value is not set is false , this parameter will not be scanned for inclusion in the list of parameters to prompt the user for. Note that for every report parameter which specifies isForPrompting=true and a valid CC parameter property, Cloud Cruiser will look for two specific entries in the resourcebundle for locale-based prompt label and description of that parameter:


If either resource is not found in resourcebundle , the value defaults to the parameter name. For example, for the parameter declaration below:

<parameter name="MyString" class="java.lang.String" isForPrompting="true">
  <property name="com.cloudcruiser.param.text" value=""/>

Cloud Cruiser looks for the following keys in the resource bundle:


If not found in the resource bundle, Cloud Cruiser defaults each value to MyString .

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