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Running a batch report

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To run a batch report, call your XML script using the ccjob utility. For example: -f my_report_job.xml userGroup=XXXX[,...] [[,...]] [[,...]] [[,...]]

userGroup is a comma-separated list indicating the user groups that are to receive reports. At least one user group must be specified:


IMPORTANT: If the user group name addresses are more than one word, you must enclose the name in quotes. For example, a group named Major Establishment must be specified as userGroup="Major Establishment" .

recipients is an optional list of addressees. This comma-separated list allows an administrator to explicitly specify the recipients of the batch reports, overriding any email addresses associated with the UserGroup. This is useful for test purposes, or for when users are not configured for the target userGroup(s).


cc sends a copy of the email of the report to each address on the list (using CC:), and bcc sends a copy without showing the email address.​

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