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Setting alternative rates with rate plans

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You can set alternative rate values for the same resource by creating a clone of that resource, and then targeting it with a different rate plan. This way customers can be billed differently for the same resource. For a description of this functionality, see Managing rate plans.

To clone a resource, you must have first created at least one rate plan. For more information, see Creating rate plans.

To set rates with a rate plan

  1. Go to Billing > Services.
  2. Make sure that the Rate Plan menu above the resources list is set to default.
  3. Right-click a resource in the list and select Clone resource to another rate plan.
    The Clone to other rate plan dialog box appears.
  4. Select the Target Rate Plan to clone to and the Effective Date for the cloned resource.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Rate Plan menu above the resources list, select the rate plan to which you just cloned the resource.
    All resources for this rate plan are displayed.
  7. Select the new cloned resource if it is not selected already.
  8. Apply new rate settings, then click Save.
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