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Creating rate plans

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To create a rate plan, perform the following procedure:

  1. Go to Billing > Rate Plans .
  2. Click Add to open the Add New Rate Plan pop-up.
  3. Enter a rate plan name.
    You can select the Clone values from default option so that all resources will be cloned in the new rate plan with identical values to the default rate plan. If you do not select this option, no default resources will be cloned.
  4. Click OK.
    This adds the new plan into the list.

You can now select specific resources and define alternate rate information for one or more of the available resources. Any resource that is found in the default rate plan can be cloned to an alternate rate plan and configured. For more information, see Setting alternative rates with rate plans.

To rename a rate plan, select it in the list and click Rename. You cannot rename the rate plan named default.

To delete a rate plan, select it in the list and click Delete.

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