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Associating customers with rate plans

By default, all customers are associated with the default rate plan. You can choose another plan to override the default plan’s resource rates.

To associate a customer with a rate plan
  1. Go to Billing > Customers and select a customer.
  2. Click the Detail tab if it is not already selected.
    For a description of all the fields and options in the Detail tab, see Adding customer detail.
  3. From the Rate Plan menu, select the rate plan to associate to the customer.
  4. Click Save.

For any resources that don't exist in this rate plan, the customer is charged the rates in the default rate plan.

The rate plan assigned at the lowest level of your account structure takes precedence. For example:

The Administration division is assigned to rate plan X and has two child departments, HR and Facilities. Administration|HR is assigned to rate plan Y and Administration|Facilities is not assigned to any plan. In this scenario, usage by Administration|Facilities is charged according to rate plan X, inherited from Administration, and usage by Administration|HR is charged according to rate plan Y.

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