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Managing rate plans

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Rate plans enable you to define alternate rates for individual resources for one or more customers. By default, all customers are associated with the default rate plan. You can associate a rate plan to override any of the rates in the default plan. For this reason, all resources must be present in the default plan. Alternate rate plans can contain a subset or all of the default plan’s resources.

To set up a rate plan
  1. Create a target rate plan.
    See Creating rate plans.
  2. Clone a resource with the new target rate plan and apply new rate settings.
    See Setting alternative rates with rate plans.
  3. Associate a customer with the new rate plan.
    See Associating customers with rate plans.

During the charging phase, the charging algorithm first checks whether the customer is associated with a rate plan. If it is, it searches that rate plan to check whether there are any applicable resources. If the resource is found, the customer is billed using the rate profile found in the rate plan. If the resource is not found, it uses the default resource rate.

NOTE: This could be considered an error depending on your billing policies. If that is the case, check the charging process in the logs to ensure that the correct billing policy is being applied.

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