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Creating transactions

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To create a transaction for a customer account, perform the following procedure:

  1. Go to Billing > Customers.
  2. In the Account ID-Description list, select an account.
  3. Click the Transactions tab if it is not already selected, and in the Type menu, select the type of transaction you want to create, Recurring or Non-recurring.
    Any existing transactions of that type appear in the table. You can select the Show processed option for non-recurring transactions to include transactions that have been run, or select the Show inactive option for recurring transactions to include transactions that are marked inactive.
  4. Click Add.
    A new row appears in the transaction table with default values entered.
  5. In the Description column, enter a description for the new transaction.
  6. In the Resource column, select the resource to be charged in this transaction and in the Amount column, enter the quantity of that resource to be charged.
    To credit a customer, the selected resource’s rate multiplied by the Amount entered here must be a negative number. For non-recurring credit transactions, Cloud Cruiser recommends that you use the predefined resource misccred - Miscellaneous Credit , which has a Variable rate of -1. To use this resource to credit a customer 600, enter an Amount of 600. This will charge the customer -600 when processed.
  7. Schedule the processing of the transaction.
    • Recurring transactions: In the Frequency column, select the interval at which to process the transaction, either Daily or Monthly. Then in the Start Date and End Date columns, enter the dates between which processing should occur.​
    •  Non-recurring transactions: In the Apply Date column, enter the date on which to process the transaction.
  8. Click Save.
What to do next

Create a job to process your transactions. See Processing transactions.

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