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Deleting discounts and surcharges

You cannot delete any discount/surcharge that has been assigned to a customer because there is no history with a discount/surcharge for a customer if the system discount/surcharge is deleted or changed.

To delete a discount/surcharge

  1. Go to Billing > Discounts/Surcharges .
  2. In the Name list, right-click the item to delete and select Delete discount/surcharge to open the Delete Discount pop-up.
  3. Alternatively, you can click the Delete discount/surcharge icon at the bottom of the list.

  4. Click OK .

If the system discount/surcharge is assigned to a customer, you will get a message that it is not allowed and identify which customer(s) are associated with the discount/surcharge.

If you still want to delete the discount/surcharge, you must first unassign it from the customer(s) on the Customers - Discount/Surcharges page by selecting the item and clicking Remove Discount/Surcharge .

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