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Setting up discounts and surcharges

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Use discounts and surcharges to deliver a reduced or increased cost to one or more customers. The discount/surcharge can be a percentage or fixed cost amount of all the costs for all the resources, or for one or more selected resources, for a day or a month. System discounts/surcharges are stored as individual entities that contain this discount/surcharge.

This section of articles contains the following:

To set up a discount or surcharge

  1. Create a target resource of type Discount/Surcharge.
    See Creating target resources for discounts and surcharges.
  2. Create a system discount or surcharge.
    See Creating discounts and surcharges.
  3. Assign the discount or surcharge to a customer.
    See Assigning discounts and surcharges to customers.
  4. Run the discount_surcharge job.
    See Running a discount/surcharge job.
  5. (optional) Run a report to verify that the discount or surcharge is appearing as intended.
    If the amount is incorrect, you can remove the applied discount or surcharge by deleting the job load that applied it.
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