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Checking your license status

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At any time you can check the current status of your Cloud Cruiser license to find out how soon a trial ends or how close your actual usage is to your licensed limit during the most recent period.

To check license status
  1. Click About from the Cloud Cruiser Portal.
    The About dialog box appears.
  2. Scroll down to the License Information section, just past the App User Properties Information section.
    License information section of About box

This section contains the following fields:

  • License: The type of license currently applied to the system. This shows “Trial” with an ending date if a trial license is active and “Enabled” if a customer license is active.
  • License summary period: The starting and ending dates of the period for which license usage is being shown. This is usually the most recent full month or year, and corresponds to your license.
  • License Query Type: The method used by Cloud Cruiser to determine your license usage. This method is set by Cloud Cruiser personnel.
  • Current license limit: The number of items your license allows you to manage with Cloud Cruiser.
  • Current license usage: The number of items you managed during the license summary period. This is blank if you have a trial license.
  • Below/Exceeding limit by: The difference between the current license limit and the current license usage. If the limit is higher than the usage, the label reads “Below limit by.” If the usage is higher than the limit, the label reads “Exceeding limit by.” This is blank if you have a trial license.
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