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Customizing identifiers for reporting

You can customize the names that appear when setting up and running reports that use identifiers.

Identifiers are automatically created in the Cloud Cruiser database via the charge process. Customizations made here do not affect the charge process. They only make reporting more transparent by putting it into business terms.

To customize identifier names for reporting
  1. Go to Administration > Identifiers .
    Identifier list
    The Output Order shown in the list is the order in which the identifiers appear in reports and menus.
  2. Select an identifier and edit its Description.
  3. (optional) Enter a one-character value in the Custom Report Field .
    This value is not used by Cloud Cruiser. It can be used by custom versions of reports for sorting and grouping in reports.
  4. Click Save.

The description is now selectable from the Identifier menus when setting up reports.


Identifier menu in a report

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