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Analytics reports

This article contains a series of three videos that help you use HPE Consumption Analytics Portal, from getting the most out of the reports included with Cloud Cruiser to creating reports that show what you need to see from your data.

If you arrived at this article by clicking Help in HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Desktop, and you are using Cloud Cruiser version 4, be aware that this article pertains to version 3. The basic concepts in the videos still apply, though some specific steps have changed and new requirements added in version 4. To continue learning about HPE Consumption Analytics Portal for version 4, see Creating your own My Insights reports in the Cloud Cruiser v4 documentation.

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Running reports

This video shows you how to run and interact with reports in Cloud Cruiser Analytics. You must install and configure Cloud Cruiser Analytics before you can run analytics reports.


View on YouTube: | Download MP4

Basic Editing

This video shows you how to customize reports in Cloud Cruiser Analytics to better fit your business needs using the editor in the Cloud Cruiser Portal.


View on YouTube: | Download MP4

Advanced Editing

This video shows you how to use Cloud Cruiser Analytics Desktop to create analytics reports and to do some advanced editing.


View on YouTube: | Download MP4

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