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Analyzing detailed usage data

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Similar to the procedure Analyzing charge data, you can also analyze detailed usage data. This data, accessed through the ReportDetail view, includes resource units and a set of identifiers to discover additional related information regarding the usage.

To analyze usage data

  1. Connect Excel to the ReportDetail and ReportAccountStruct0 views using the procedure in Connecting Excel with the following changes:
    • Excel 2013:
      • In step 6 when selecting views in the Data Connection Wizard, instead of the ReportSummary view, select the ReportDetail view.
      • In step 11 when creating the relationship, substitute ReportDetail for ReportSummary as the Table.
    • Excel 2010:
      • In step 10 when selecting columns in the Query Wizard, instead of the ReportSummary view, select and move the ReportDetail view.
      • In step 12 when relating two columns, relate the Account UID column of ReportDetail to the Account UID column of ReportAccountStruct0 .
  2. Create and populate a PivotTable similar to the procedure in Analyzing charge data. Make the following changes and additions:
    • Filter out duplicate usage amounts across all identifiers by dragging the Ident Description field to the FILTERS box.
    • For the VALUES box, use the Ident Value field.
    • Choose the fields you want to use in both the ROWS and COLUMNS boxes.

See the documentation for the PivotTable feature of your version of Microsoft Excel for information about its capabilities and how to use them.

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