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Creating a certificate

To get started, refer to VMware documentation regarding generation and installation of a production SSL certificate:

  • To create a production SSL certificate refer to VMware’s documentation.
  • If a server SSL certificate is already in place, it might be necessary to replace it.

If a server-specific certificate is not generated and installed on the vCenter server, you will need to set the cnCheckDisabled option to true in the data source configuration. This skips common-name checking during the server validation and SSL handshake. This is not recommend and should not be used in production environments.

Before you begin

Select values for the following properties. These properties will be used during the certificate phase to generate the certificates and lock the keystore; later, they will be used by the collector to access and retrieve the certificate.

  • vcenterServer : The IP address or node name of the vCenter server.
  • certificateFileName : File containing the certificate.
  • keystoreAlias : An alias to assign to the certificate when importing.
  • keystoreFilename : Full path to the certificate keystore.
  • keystorePassword : A password to access the keystore.
To configure a certificate
  1. Download the server’s SSL certificate.
    Open a web browser and go to https://vcenterServer/sdk/vimService?wsdl.
    When prompted to accept the server’s SSL certificate, export or save the certificate to a location on disk. This process varies from browser to browser. Consult your browser’s documentation for more details.
  2. Run the following Java keytool command to import the server certificate into a local keystore:
    # keytool -import -file <certificateFileName> -alias vcenterServer -keystore <keystoreFilename>
    Enter the keystore password when prompted.

After the certificate has been successfully imported, you can delete the saved certificate file for security reasons.

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