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NOTE: In Cloud Cruiser 2.1 and later, keystore parameters for the vCenter data source are optional. You are no longer required to download and import the SSL certificate from the vCenter server into a local keystore, nor are you required to specify a keystore alias and a keystore password. Existing configurations work as before, although they will also work without the keystore setup.

If you are required to set up a keystore, then prior to running the VMware vCenter collector, you must first generate an SSL security certificate and store the private key in a local keystore file, configure the vCenter server, and then configure the VMware collector.

Certificates are required to give the vCenter collector the ability to query the vCenter database. The certificate is then stored in a keystore file for security.

To connect to the vCenter usage data API using the vCenter Collector, you must specify the path to the web service running on the vCenter server, as well as authentication and SSL keystore information.

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