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Entity output for perf collection

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To ensure that objects that are deleted still have historical data collected, the vSphere Perf Collector’s historical collection can be driven by a list of entities which were discovered during snapshot collection rather than the entities that exist at the time historical data is collected.

The vSphere Snapshot Collector writes a CSV file every day that logs the type, ID, and name of every entity collected at least once that day. The collector’s required entityOutput property specifies the path where this file is to be written. To use this file to drive perf collection, provide the same value for entityOutput and the entityInput property of the vSphere Perf Collector.

NOTE: The vSphere Snapshot Collector does not remove any records from the entityOutput file, it only writes new records. This means that if you use the same filename for every run of the collector, entities will be listed in that file long after they have been deleted. The best practice is to instead use the context variable ${env.selectDate} in the filename of entityOutput so that the collector writes a new file every day.

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