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Sampling period

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By default, the vSphere Perf Collector collects sets of 30-minute samples for the select date. If you want hourly record loads, you should keep this default sampling period and set the aggregationInterval property to HOURLY . This will cause the collector to further aggregate the 30-minute samples of counter data into hourly output records.

You can specify one of the following values for the optional samplingPeriod property:

  • 300 (5 minutes)
  • 1800 (30 minutes, default)
  • 7200 (2 hours)
  • 86400 (24 hours)

The sample data for these periods are rolled up on the vSphere server a short time after the period ends but there is no guarantee as to when the data rollup will be complete and the data available. The larger your sampling period, the more time you should allow between the end of a period and the start of your collection job so that data rollup can complete.

For more information about historical intervals, see the VMware vSphere API Reference.

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