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Generating a counter reference

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You can generate a list of all counters supported by your vSphere server to use as a reference when defining perf profiles. To do this, run the vSphere Perf Collector once with the printCounters property set to true and the counterOutput property set to the path of a desired output file. The collector exits without collecting any data after writing this file.

The following example shows the first several lines of a counter reference CSV file.

1,cpu,CPU,CPU,usage,Usage,CPU usage as a percentage during the interval,percent,Percent,Percentage,NONE,RATE,4,4
2,cpu,CPU,CPU,usage,Usage,CPU usage as a percentage during the interval,percent,Percent,Percentage,AVERAGE,RATE,1,3
3,cpu,CPU,CPU,usage,Usage,CPU usage as a percentage during the interval,percent,Percent,Percentage,MINIMUM,RATE,4,4
4,cpu,CPU,CPU,usage,Usage,CPU usage as a percentage during the interval,percent,Percent,Percentage,MAXIMUM,RATE,4,4
5,cpu,CPU,CPU,usagemhz,Usage in MHz,CPU usage in megahertz during the interval,megaHertz,MHz,Megahertz,NONE,RATE,4,4
6,cpu,CPU,CPU,usagemhz,Usage in MHz,CPU usage in megahertz during the interval,megaHertz,MHz,Megahertz,AVERAGE,RATE,1,3
7,cpu,CPU,CPU,usagemhz,Usage in MHz,CPU usage in megahertz during the interval,megaHertz,MHz,Megahertz,MINIMUM,RATE,4,4
8,cpu,CPU,CPU,usagemhz,Usage in MHz,CPU usage in megahertz during the interval,megaHertz,MHz,Megahertz,MAXIMUM,RATE,4,4
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