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Aggregating perf data

By default the collector does not aggregate data, writing one record per sampling period specified in the feed configuration. For example, a samplingPeriod value of 7200 would result in output records that each span two hours.

You can make the collector aggregate data by hourly or daily periods by providing an aggregation interval and an aggregation function. This means you must:

If you do this, aggregationInterval must be greater than or equal to samplingPeriod so that there is data to aggregate. For example, a job with an aggregationInterval of HOURLY and a samplingPeriod of 7200 (2 hours) will not run.

The default value for function is NONE , so to avoid aggregation for a particular counter you can simply omit this property. To learn how to include function in a perf profile and coordinate it with a vSphere data rollup type, see Defining perf profiles.

To aggregate perf data during collection
  • Replace the default value of NONE for the collector’s aggregationInterval property with a value of HOURLY or DAILY .
  • For each counter whose values you want to aggregate, in the perf profile set the function property to MIN , MAX , AVG , or SUM.
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