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OpenStack via AMQP

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The OpenStack AMQP Collector retrieves data from any AMQP application layer. Its most common use is collecting Nova data from OpenStack.

Supported versions

The AMQP Collector supports ​the following OpenStack versions:

  • 2011.3 (Diablo)
  • 2012.1 (Essex)
  • 2012.2 (Folsom)
  • 2013.1 (Grizzly)
  • 2013.2 (Havana)
  • 2014.1 (Icehouse)

For Grizzly and later versions, Cloud Cruiser recommends using the OpenStack Ceilometer Collector to collect most OpenStack data and augmenting that with the AMQP Collector, which provides more robust Nova data.


The AMQP Collector collects system usage data from OpenStack per virtual machine. System usage data is emitted from Nova in the form of usage events from Nova's notification system. These events provide sufficient data to keep track of resource allocations per tenant and user. Rates can be defined per instance type for chargeback or billing. Costs can also be calculated based on number of IP addresses, network traffic in and out per network, disk allocation size, and memory allocation size.

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