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Bootstrapping event data

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Upon initial installation you must “catch up” by generating notifications for all existing offers and subscriptions. This enables accurate accounting for service usage beginning on the following day.

Execution of the bootstrapper application generates the exact same notifications for existing plans and subscriptions as would occur when plans and subscriptions are managed using the portal interface. There is no sure way to account for usage that occurs prior to execution of the bootstrapper application because subscriptions recently deleted may be reflected in usage data prior to the subscription delete event. Without the subscription data, there is no way to correlate usage with a tenant or plan.

The necessary binaries are included with Cloud Cruiser as <install_dir>/third_party_extensions/microsoft/ Extract all files to a directory on the Service Management Portal computer and run the included executable.

The following is an example of running the bootstrapper application:

Enter the billing end point:
Enter the billing end point Auth Mode: (Options ‐ None, Basic)
Enter the billing end point user name:
Enter the billing end point password:
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