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Subscription and plan data

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Azure Services for Windows Server creates events for plan and subscriber lifecycle actions such as subscribing to a plan or removing services from a plan. The specific events available to Cloud Cruiser are subscription events and offer events, the latter providing plan information.

The data from these events are an integral part of the solution. Cloud Cruiser uses active plans to verify that the necessary pricing plans exist and to automatically create new pricing plans. Subscription events provide the only means of associating resource usage with a customer. Cloud Cruiser uses this data to create customers and rate plans and to associate the two for correct pricing.

You must perform two tasks to make sure Cloud Cruiser has the appropriate event data:

  1. Run the bootstrapper application to load all existing plans and subscriptions. For instructions, see Bootstrapping event data.
  2. Set up ongoing notification of offer and subscription events so that your daily load job can update plans and subscriptions. For instructions, see Setting up ongoing event notifications.
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