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Mapping data to Cloud Cruiser


The Windows Azure Collector is an extension of the universal Excel Collector, and so mapping data from Azure usage reports to CC Records uses the SpreadSheetFeedConfig bean for feed configuration. For general information about data mapping for Excel that also applies to Azure data, see Data mapping in the section for Excel collection.

Feed configuration settings

The following SpreadSheetFeedConfig property settings are required due to the format of the Excel files provided by Windows Azure:

<property name="sheet" value="Detailed Usage" />
<property name="header" value="true" />
<property name="linesToSkip" value="2" />

Mapping specific fields

The sample collection job performs the following mappings.


The job maps the value of the ServiceResource field in a usage report record as the name of a resource in Cloud Cruiser and the value of the ResourceQtyConsumed field as the value of that resource.


The job maps the following fields as identifiers with the name of the field becoming the name of the identifier and the value of the field becoming the value of the identifier:

  • AccountName
  • AccountOwnerId
  • AdditionalInfo
  • Component
  • Product
  • ResourceGUID
  • Service
  • ServiceAdministratorId
  • ServiceInfo
  • ServiceRegion
  • ServiceResource
  • ​ServiceSubRegion
  • ServiceType
  • SubscriptionGuid
  • SubscriptionId
  • SubscriptionName

You can add or remove fields from this mapping. For descriptions of the fields in an Azure usage report, see Understanding Your Bill in the Windows Azure documentation. The fields listed in the Usage Charges section there don't exactly match those in a usage report, but they are close enough that you can determine which is which.

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