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Cisco UCS

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Cloud Cruiser’s Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Collector leverages the XML Collector to parse results from queries to the UCS Manager XML API, which can query data for any Cisco UCS component.

Cisco UCS stores configuration and state information in a hierarchical tree structure known as the management information tree . The Cisco UCS Collector accesses this tree through the UCS Manager XML API and collects data by specifying an object type, such as computeBlade , and optional filter criteria. The results are in the form of an XML document containing all the matching nodes of the given object type, or classId . This XML document is internal to the collector, but you can dump it to the console or save it in a file to assist with data mapping.

A sample job for Cisco UCS collection is included in the < install_dir >/job_samples directory as cisco-ucs21-sample-collect.xml .

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