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This section discusses the attributes written by Cisco Process Orchestrator, which you can map to identifiers in Cloud Cruiser.

Common attributes

There is a common section in nsxml data that is consistent across all request types. The following attributes are available in this common section:

  • ActionClassID
  • ActionDescription
  • RequisitionID
  • InitiatorLogin
  • InitiatorOrganizationalUnitName
  • CustomerLogin
  • CustomerOrganizationalUnitName
  • CustomerFirstName
  • CustomerLastName

Attributes specific to a service type

For each service type, the nsxml data includes additional attributes that you might find useful as unique identifiers, for building account codes, or for drilling down in reports. For example, the following identifiers are mapped for a virtual machine order:

  • VMTemplateName
  • InventoryLocation
  • ComputerName
  • ServerSize
  • OSType
  • GuestOperatingSystem
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