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Included jobs and resources

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As with other native and universal collectors, sample jobs are provided for Cisco Process Orchestrator as a starting point for you to develop your own jobs. If you chose the “Collect from Cloud Cruiser automation pack (TAP)” option when installing Cloud Cruiser, these jobs are also loaded into the system as production jobs and the resources needed by them are loaded as a resource group. The following table shows the files and objects provided:

Sample version

Production version (available in Cloud Cruiser Portal if chosen at installation)


< install_dir >/job_samples/cisco-orch-sample-load.xml


Job intended for daily execution to process the previous day’s events. This job will also import organization and customer data for the subscription activity collected.

You must configure the location from which this job will collect data. For instructions, see Configuring the resource location for Cisco Process Orchestrator.

< install_dir >/job_samples/cisco-iac31-sample-sync.xml


Job to collect inventory daily from Cisco IAC as a companion to Cisco Process Orchestrator.

< install_dir >/resource_groups/cisco_iac_orch.csv


Resource definition file or resource group used by the two provided jobs. The resources it contains are listed in Resources.

If you did not select the installation option, you must import these definitions into the default pricing plan using ccimport .

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