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Cisco Process Orchestrator

Cisco Process Orchestrator is the workflow component used by Cisco IAC and performs the necessary operations to fulfill a service requisition. Each requisition processed by Cisco Process Orchestrator contains details about the service being ordered, including subscriber data. This allows for event-based collection of Cisco IAC subscription activity, which ensures precise start and stop times for each service instance. Cloud Cruiser can collect event data generated by Cisco Process Orchestrator, augmenting it with snapshot data collected from Cisco IAC where no event data is available.

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A custom action in Cisco Process Orchestrator writes data from each completed request to an XML file. The contents of this XML file can be customized if necessary. Using the XML Collector, Cloud Cruiser collects these XML documents to produce service start or stop records. Certain transform steps are then required to correlate event data with existing inventory data and generate a starting inventory for the following day. Cloud Cruiser recommends using the Cisco IAC Collector to establish an initial inventory and also to periodically ensure the inventory derived from request data is correct.

Architecture for Cisco Process Orchestrator collection and processing


Before you begin

To collect Cisco Process Orchestrator data, you must have performed the procedure “Completing installation for Cisco Process Orchestrator” in the Installation Guide . This installs the required automation pack and ensures that Cisco Process Orchestrator data is accessible to Cloud Cruiser.

Synchronizing inventory

In order to ensure reporting is accurate, Cloud Cruiser recommends that you collect an inventory of active services at regular intervals on an ongoing basis. This is done by querying Cisco IAC for active subscriptions and mapping the results such that the output records match create and update records from Cisco Process Orchestrator events for the same service type. If possible, the start date should reflect the actual creation date for the service instance rather than the time of collection. For more information, see the API documentation for the ConvertEventsToAllocations transform which specifically addresses event correlation and synchronization with a snapshot.

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