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Cisco IAC

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Cloud Cruiser’s Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) Collector collects current service subscription data. Data collection is based on the Service Portal REST API and specifically targets service item subscriptions. This collector is intended to run several times per day to capture short lived subscriptions. This requires an end of day job to aggregate the data collected on a particular day and load charges.

NOTE: Cloud Cruiser also provides an automation pack for Cisco Orchestrator.

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The IAC Portal Collector is REST based and each subscription is represented as an XML document. The collector takes an XML feed configuration that controls data mapping from IAC to Cloud Cruiser. The basic XML feed configuration is extended to include an optional subscription filter. The collector requires an endpoint URL and authentication to access a Service Portal server.

Application notes

Every subscription has the same common elements, such as serviceItemTypeName and requisitionID . You can apply a filter to these elements to reduce overhead of collecting subscriptions that are not relevant to chargeback or billing needs. In addition to common data, attributes specific to the service item type are included in the source document as a collection of name value pairs. To make it easy to map only attributes of interest per type, you can collect each service item type separately as a unique feed.

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