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Setting up your account

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Before working in Cloud Cruiser, you must set up your Amazon Web Services account to work with the collector.

To set up your account
  1. In your AWS Billing Preferences, enable programmatic billing for the AWS account for which you want to collect data.
    If you are using consolidated billing, perform this step for the payer account, not the linked accounts.
    • Specify the Amazon S3 bucket to be used for programmatic billing and add the required policy to the bucket.​
      For instructions, see Programmatic Billing Access in the AWS documentation. Note this name to use later when configuring your batch job.
    • Enable the Detailed Billing Report (with resources and tags).
  2. Using Amazon's Identity and Access Management (IAM) service, ​create an AWS user with an access key ID, a secret key, and secure access to the specified S3 bucket.
    You could simply grant this access to the account owner, but HPE recommends creating a user specifically for billing access​.
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