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It is difficult to exactly quantify the performance of a networking application as there are many variables to consider (size of packets, rate of flow, burst conditions, network latency, and more) but at present, running on a virtual machine with the minimum specifications shown above on a quad core Xeon running at 2.23Ghz with 4 parser threads, the collector is capable of processing at least 210 Mbits per second of NetFlow data, contained in about 45,000 network packets per second.

This is the limit of our current testing capability. The Network Traffic Collector can certainly exceed it. This article will be updated once additional testing reveals more.

You can also tune the collector to increase the number of threads that perform the parsing of the NetFlow data. It supports up to 32 threads running concurrently, although for this number a minimum of 4 cores should be available and 8 or more are recommended.

More detailed analysis of a number of variable factors that can affect performance can be found in Performance factors.

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