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Network Traffic Collector

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The Network Traffic Collector is a Linux application (which can also be run as a daemon) that listens for network traffic, aggregates the data, parses it into CCR files and pushes them to Cloud Cruiser via the REST API at scheduled intervals. The interval at which CCRs are exported is configurable, along with many other parameters, via a configuration file.


The Network Traffic Collector is different from other collectors in a few ways:

  • Though available at no extra charge, it is not shipped with Cloud Cruiser.
  • It requires installation by HPE personnel.
  • It runs as a separate process on its own server.

Currently the Network Traffic Collector supports collecting only Cisco NetFlow v9 traffic. The ability to collect other network traffic might be added in the future.

If you would like to use this collector, please contact HPE.


The collector enables you to use Cloud Cruiser to charge for network usage. And because source and destination IP addresses are included in the CCR files along with the amount of data transferred in both directions, there are a number of possibilities with regards to charging for traffic. For example, with some lookup tables it would be possible to charge a premium (or provide reduced/free charges) for access to specific IP addresses or ranges thereof.

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