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XML template

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You can use this template as a base for creating a job to collect usage data and load charges into the database.

<batch:job id="loadUsageData" parent="ccjob">
  <batch:step id="Collect" next="Assemble">
    <!‐‐ Execute the necessary collector to read data ‐‐>

  <!‐‐ Multiple collection steps may be defined, if multiple feeds are present. ‐‐>

  <batch:step id="Assemble" next="Aggregate">
    <!‐‐ Combine data from the various feeds into one input file ‐‐>

  <batch:step id="Aggregate" next="Transform">
    <!‐‐ Merge records (based on time/date and resource) where possible ‐‐>

  <batch:step id="Transform" next="Charge">
    <!‐‐ Transform usage identifiers into the appropriate accountIDs ‐‐>
    <!‐‐ Create, convert or drop identifiers and resources as needed ‐‐>

  <batch:step id="Charge">
    <!‐‐ Apply the resource costs and load data into the system database ‐‐>
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