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Installing Analytics Editing

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To be able to modify analytics reports from the Cloud Cruiser Portal, you must install Cloud Cruiser Analytics Editing.

You must be using Cloud Cruiser Analytics Server 8.1.3 or later to install Cloud Cruiser Analytics Editing. This procedure does not work with earlier versions.

Before you begin

Configure HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Server as described in Configuration in Cloud Cruiser Analytics Server.

To install Cloud Cruiser Analytics Editing

  1. On the Cloud Cruiser Analytics Server computer, find the directory named for the specific version number and build of Cloud Cruiser Analytics Server you installed.
    This is the only directory under <analytics_install_dir>/vizqlserver/public. For example, for version 8.1.3 of Cloud Cruiser Analytics Server the directory is named v_81001401042134 and its full path might be C:\Program Files\CloudCruiser\Analytics Server\8.1\vizqlserver\public\v_81001401042134. The rest of this procedure refers to this directory as <analytics_version_dir>.
  2. From the Cloud Cruiser computer, copy the file <install_dir>/third_party_extensions/analytics/javascripts/vqlauthoringweb.js to the <analytics_version_dir>/javascripts directory, replacing the existing file.
  3. Similarly, copy <install_dir>/third_party_extensions/analytics/css/vqlauthoringweb.css to the <analytics_version_dir>/css directory, replacing the existing file.
  4. If any client computers have previously viewed Cloud Cruiser Analytics reports, clear the browser cache on those computers.
    This allows the browser to load the files you just copied.

What to do next

Continue to the next section, Configuration in Cloud Cruiser Analytics Desktop.

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