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Processes and feeds

All jobs must execute for a particular process, a logical grouping of the usage data you collect. You can use processes for any grouping scheme you like, including the following:

  • Grouping data by type of data source. For example, one process each for VMware vSphere data, Cisco IAC data, and SalesForce data.
  • Leveraging data from one feed when processing another. To enable this, put the feeds in the same process.
  • Separating data that might conflict. For example, if data from two vSphere servers might contain the same IP address, use separate processes.
  • Isolating data for different customers.
  • Grouping data by type of entity. For example, one process for servers and another for storage.
  • Separating data that requires unique processing.

A process contains one or more feeds for collected data. You might use separate feeds for each data source, for different types of data such as inventory and performance data, or for other logical groupings.

Processing directories

Intermediate files created or consumed by batch jobs are located in <install_dir>/processing/<process_name>. These include job history, logging, temporary files, and collected data are all organized by process.

The data collected for each feed in the process is placed in a directory here that is named for the feed. These feed directories serve as your audit trail because they contain raw data as it was collected.

Assigning a process

Use the processInfo bean in a job file to provide a process name for all jobs in the file, to set notification options, and to set a usage time zone for an entire job. For example:

<bean id="processInfo" class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.ProcessInfo">
  <property name="processName" value="vCenter"/>
  <property name="notifyOnSuccess" value="true" />
  <property name="notifyOnFailure" value="true" />
  ​<property name="notifyAddresses" value="," />
  ​<property name="usageTimeZone" value="US/Pacific"/>
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