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Dates and times in Cloud Cruiser

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Dates used in Cloud Cruiser are defined as follows:

Date Type


Run Date

This is the date when the job is run.

Selection Date

This date is used by the jobs as a criteria for selecting and processing data. In most cases, this will be the accounting date on the loaded data.

For more information, see Setting the selection date.

Accounting Start and End Dates

These are the dates set by batch processing that aligns the data into the database for billing purposes, and are stored in the Summary and Detail data for reporting. These are normally derived from the Selection Date. Only the Accounting End Date is significant for reporting. The starting and ending dates are typically the same.

Usage Start Date and End Dates

These are dates in the collected data that show the actual date when the usage occurred. This is stored in the Detail data and is normally the same as the accounting date and is used for reporting purposes only.

Accounting Period and Accounting Year

These are set by the Charge phase and are normally aligned with the accounting end date. They are the numbers 1 through 12 for Accounting Period and a year for Accounting Year.

Close Date

This date represents the end of that accounting period.

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