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Cloud Cruiser architecture

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Cloud Cruiser consists of these primary components:

  • Collectors gather and process consumption data from your cloud infrastructure. This component includes executable XML scripts that are configured for a given environment, and the Java run-time libraries that support the chargeback rules engine and other operations.
  • The database stores the collected consumption data, as well as customer data, user data, costing data, and other chargeback-related information.
  • The application server hosts the Cloud View chargeback portal, which allows users to access their cost data using standard web browsers. The application server is installed as a system service.
  • Cloud Cruiser Analytics Server provides analytics reports in several graphic formats.

You can deploy each of these components on separate servers or host them together, depending on the nature of the deployment and performance considerations. For most production environments, Cloud Cruiser recommends that you deploy the database on one server, the collectors and application server on another, and the analytics server on a third.

The following diagram shows the detailed architecture of Cloud Cruiser:

Cloud Cruiser architecture


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