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Microsoft Azure - Legacy Collector Removed

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In previous versions of Cloud Cruiser, there was an option to collect from Azure by logging into the Azure Enterprise Portal as a user.  In November 2014, Microsoft made changes to the Azure Enterprise Portal that prevents this method from working.


Due to the above change, the data collected may not be reliable or not collected at all.

Examining the job log files or have email notification enabled, you may see processing errors similar to this:

0000008 2014-10-29 01:01:32,135 INFO [CCSchedulerNormal_Worker-15] - login url: ........ 01:02:22,822 ERROR [CCSchedulerNormal_Worker-15] - -1


In addition to resolving the above issue, using MS Azure Public Cloud (API) connection will be more reliable because it will minimize required changes when upgrading.

Cloud Cruiser 3.5 and earlier will require an upgrade to the latest version of Cloud Cruiser (be sure to backup your database).

To add MS Azure Public Cloud (API) Datasource

  1.  Add the datasource for MS Azure Public Cloud (API).azure_api.PNG
  2. To authenticate, you will need your Enrollment Number and the Access Key. This information should be available to you via
  3. Once you have entered this data, do a "Test Connection" to ensure that it has been entered properly.
  4. Update the collection job (CC 3.x) or workbook (CC 4.x) to specify the new datasource.
  5. Verify the newly collected data by running the job.
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